Welcoming And Cozy Atmosphere Nightstand Lamps In Bedroom

Black Nightstand Small

Nightstand lamps – Sometimes neglected, light sources are however the sine qua non of a warm atmosphere. A welcoming and cozy atmosphere is even more important in a central room in our lives: the room. However, finding bedside lamps that match both the decor of your room, your tastes and your budget can sometimes be difficult. So why not make your bedside lamp yourself? Here are 5 ideas to create a beautiful, inexpensive and especially unique object! Creating your own bedside lamp can be an opportunity to make a green gesture. For example, recycling old bottles! Indeed, the diversity of shapes and colors of these objects that we constantly throw, and which invade the oceans, can imagine an infinity of lamps. Attention: plastic bottles can be used, provided you use a low energy bulb . It would be indeed a pity, and even dangerous, to see melt your beautiful creation!

A futuristic lamp with a metallic circle

This idea is simple but effective. By using a simple metallic circle of varying width, a futuristic looking bedside lamp is quickly obtained. The choice of the foot is paramount: we will opt for a fine model, straight and aluminum than for a foot in old wood. But of course, the difference between the different elements of your lamp can create a very personal originality: there is no rule!

The lava lamp: a mythical object that can be made by oneself!

Fascinating by the colors and the movement it produces, the lava lamp is in no way an object inaccessible to the handymen on Sunday. It can indeed be done in a few minutes, thanks to simple objects. To create your lava lamp, get a glass bottle. Pour baking soda and slowly fill it with oil. Mix vinegar and dyes of your choice separately, in a glass, then pour the liquid into the bottle. Finally, place an LED bulb under the bottle to illuminate the mysterious chemical reaction.

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Finally, if you like originality and surrealism, here is a very simple idea to implement. Use a hat to make up the lampshade of your bedside lamp! By diverting this fashion accessory into a decorative object, you can create a touch of humor and poetry in your bedroom or living room. Whether it’s a purple top hat or a black bowler hat, the effect is guaranteed. However, prefer a model open enough to let the light in, and choose a bulb adapted to the type of fabric of the hat.