Varied Bathroom Towel Rack That You Can Choose

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

A bathroom towel rack may not sound most important point of departure in your home. Standard rack towel and shelves can be found to match most bathroom décor. But if you want custom sizing or materials options, you can make your own. If you have a state of art or just masculine bathroom. And want to go with a heavy industrial look for your towel shelves, you can make your own. But it may require some skills and specialized tools. You can start with a sheet of robust metal, about 3 meters long and 6 inches tall. When metal plate is placed horizontally. Cut right and left ends in decorative shapes, smooth edges. And drill a hole about 3/8 inch diameter about 3/4 in.
From each end centered vertically. Using a bending brake or similar machines, bend last 3 inches of each end. So that pieces of metal with holes are perpendicular to most important part of metal. Cut any decorative shapes you want out of unbent portion. And then add two holes to screws to secure it to wall. Push a piece of hard copper pipe. Show your eco-consciousness. And design flair with a bamboo towel rack ladder. Bamboo is a fast-paced resource that is naturally moisture-resistant, so it makes a big bathroom accent. Choose bamboo sticks length you want for your towel rods. And then drill a hole through each end of each rod. Pass long strings of thick natural twine or soft rope through towel rods, tie a knot under each rod to hold it in place.
Hang ladder from ceiling, about 2 to 3 inches away from wall. In an area that is easily accessible from shower or tub, and also near a heater for drying and heating towels between applications. Ladder will swing freely and add a bit of visual interest to your bathroom because of its movement. Recycle old plants, fixtures and fittings for free standing or wall towel racks by finding any old item that has horizontal — or vertically-turned-horizontal — bars. Metal handrails, parts of wooden railings or even old futon frames can become towel shelves if facing wall at an angle. Take robust illustration frames and place them out of wall with wooden blocks, and then use top and bottom of frame for towels. Add decorative hooks to edges of these items to hang smaller hand and fingertip towels or washcloths. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

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