Two Different Color Chair Railing And Wainscoting For A Dining Room Decor

Wainscot Chair Rail Moulding

Chair railing – Chair rails are stylish and functional design in addition to a dining room. They add visual depth to a flat space while protecting the wall from damage as guests move chairs out of the dining table. Linking a chair rail with wainscoting is a classic design choice. Add even more visual interest by choosing different colors for each item.

Natural Three Options

The traditional chair shines and the wainscoting is made of natural wood and finished with a stain. For a dining room with chair rails and wainscoting either in different forests or different designs. Creating a contiguous space is particularly challenging. An alternative to choosing furniture that fits the easier of the two spots, the darker partition will then act as an accent color rather than a dominant space function

For example, choose a dining table, chairs and hutch in light finish on oak wainscoting rather than in the dark cherry-colored finish of the chair rail ideas. Another option is to avoid adding three more features to the room completely. Instead, select pieces painted in a neutral color such as dark brown, black, white or slightly pale pastels. Limiting the types or colors of wood in the room to only the features of the wall creates a room that is not overwhelming of patterns in wood grain or variations in the stain color.

Chair rail molding panels

If the chair shines and wainscoting are painted in two separate colors, incorporate the colors of the chair rail into the wainscoting below to create a uniform design element. Repaint the chair in a neutral color that complements the color of the wainscoting. If wainscoting is dark brown, choose a sandy beach cream, pastel-colored wainscoting is best matched with a crisp white chair rail. In addition to the chair rail, paint several strips of thin panel or picture frame molding in the chair rail color. Create faux picture frames on wainscoting by creating repeat squares or rectangles with the panel molding.

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Lay the interior of the panels in wainscoting color. Or insert a third color that complements both the wainscoting and the chair rail. A dark mocha complements light brown wainscoting and cream trim while pale yellow works well with white trim and blue or green wainscoting. Molding panels are especially effective for flat wainscoting rather than nuts and feather wood panels. Choose fabrics like curtains, place mats and tablecloths in a color that matches the paint on wainscoting and accent furniture like chairs or buffets painted white to match the chair rail and trim panels.