Shallow Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Ikea Shallow Bathroom Vanity

Shallow bathroom vanity – To use antique furniture in a wet and humid environment in a bathroom, you need to spend some time preparing the forest. Appropriate preparations will preserve the forest for the ancient and enhance the beauty, restore it in good condition and so its style and elegance to shine. Preparation of wood to be used in a bathroom includes stripping old paint, restraining, and sealing of wood. You also have to decide if vanity will have a sink attached to it or close to it, as the amount of direct water that your antique will determine determines what kind of finish you use.

You need:

Scale shallow bathroom vanity of the original finish. Apply a chemical stripper to the target. Use a “wash away” chemical stripper to reduce hassle during cleansing. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from chemicals. Allow the chemical stripper to sit on the finish. Start by scratching the old finish when it is soft and sticky and can be cut back with a flap. Clean chemical stripper offsets of wood with water. Sand with 120-slip paper until the surface is even at touch, and then sand with 220-slip paper.

Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Apply a thin layer of oil-based paint. Although there are many different varieties of paint, oil-based is the best option for wood that will be in a shallow bathroom vanity. Apply a second thicker layer after the first layer has been absorbed into the forest but before it has dried. Use a cloth to apply the stain and move the stain over the wood with the grain instead of against it.

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