Painting Ideas Outdoor Candle Holders

Wrought Iron Wall Mount Candle Holders

Outdoor candle holders – When you are hosting a dinner or celebration event at your home, you can make the event more elegant by lighting candles on each table. However, you may not want candle wax to drip on your tablecloths in the chandeliers. One solution is to use candle pedestals below each candlestick to prevent the wax from dipping. Although you can buy pedestals for candles at any home decorating store, save money by making your own records using basic craft supplies. Painting on wood is sometimes known as painting tole. Designing your own patterns for wooden chandeliers is a way to gather the decorations in the room prepare for a holiday or make an artistic statement about your heritage. Experiment, use your creativity and remember that you can always paint over the chandeliers if you want to try something new.

Sand the wood candle holders if the current paint or varnish is either lumpy or extremely soft. The wood will have a slight degree of roughness in order to maintain the paint. Use fine sandpaper and rub gently and completely around the candlesticks. Plan the designs for the chandeliers on a piece of paper before you start painting. If you are preparing for a vacation, choose a figure or design for that holiday. Decorate for the season by choosing the colors of the season and creating a corresponding pattern. The intersection of the leaves, or even a diamond pattern, would work for the autumn orange and brown. Celebrate your inheritance by using an emblem of the family or an ethnic pattern of your family. Choose the colors that match the decorations you will use in the rest of the room.

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Place outdoor candle holders in the newspaper to protect your work surface and start with a base color. Paint a full layer of the main color of the pattern. If it is a uniform pattern, such as diamonds, paint a lighter color layer. Wait for it to dry and add a second layer for the best results. Add the second main color in the pattern. To make straight lines more easily, apply a strip of masking tape to have a clean edge. Use smaller brushes and work in small sections for detail work. Remember that you can paint on acrylic, so if a mistake is made, just let it dry and add another layer or two about it.