How To Paint Bamboo Console Table

Bamboo Console Table Antique

Bamboo console table – The most interesting and perhaps the most challenging aspect of painting a final table is to choose a color and type of color that will match the rest of the room interior. You can wear bright, vibrant colors to really make this purpose table stand or you can use paint sparingly, making the pigment work as a stain if you wish.


How to paint a closed table

Sand bamboo console table. This can range from a slight grinding if the furniture is bare wood, to a thorough slip effort if the finish table has a nice finish on it. Add a wood stripping or paint removal if there is a heavy finish or paint that needs to be removed. Soak the object in color removal, allow the liquid paste to sit for a few minutes and then remove the mixture with an old cloth or a mechanical tool such as filler. Repeat this step if you need to.

Wipe away all chemicals with thinner and allow the bamboo console table to dry. Sand any irregularities. Select a color. This can be a challenge. There are several directions you can go with this. Here are some tips. Choose a bold, solid color and have the color match something in the room. It may be a color in the attire or a painting on the wall. You can also choose a subdued color and match the final table with a part of the room that is more neutral in the color. Maybe you want to match the color of the wall or trim and save on buying new color. Finally, you can choose a pale color and use it as a stain.

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