Outdoor Umbrella Stand Ideas Inspire You In The Best Option

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Outdoor umbrella stand – When spring approaches, we wants to be outdoors is irresistible. And few things are better than a night on the terrace of the house. It is in the garden or patio. The lucky ones know how you can enjoy relaxing in peace for hours outside directly in the domestic environment. And know that tents are an essential element to complete all the gardens and terraces. Then, in this Ideas book you will see proposals for outdoor umbrella and tents that can help or inspire you in the best option for your exterior. Here you have. Coffer awning: the solution to protect from the sun the space of a terrace. Like the one we see only when necessary, could be a curtain that covers the environment in its entirety. A classic furniture for outdoor umbrellas is often present in terraces, patios and the general outdoors.

What we see in this ideas, however, represents a contemporary reinterpretation. The cover is support by a telescopic system connect to an arm. It is allows having a central lateral support instead. A greater flexibility in the configuration of the space. A cool and bright environment in this image we see a structure to fix the curtain. Formed by folding and modules align according to the requirements. To maintain a cool and bright, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, at every opportunity. The graphic patterns of the classic alternate rows, while the division of the tent into front and side shanks. Its allows an articulated roof space, suited to its architectural configuration.

The dense and light texture at the same time of a material. Such as bamboo cane or thin braided wood planks, press an open terrace and effective protection at same time. Shade is ensured, as well as an optimal use of space ventilation. The tent, in this case, falls within the structure, and enriches, from a gazebo, perfect complement to protect from the sun. And at the same time decoration element of great visual impact. Umbrella can become a true piece of outdoor furniture. Both functional and interesting from an aesthetic point of view. The efficiency of a tent that exploits a classic concept: block to supports and for the very structure of the house. A tent that uses a classical geometry, the best results both in functional terms and in terms of aesthetics, with very strongly the whole garden. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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