Outdoor Garden Furniture Best Treatment Ideas

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Applying a finishing layer of outdoor garden furniture can add years to your life, and you can improve the appearance of your furniture, even after it has begun to show signs of graying from exposure to the weather. Although nothing can care your wood furniture looking new indefinitely, a properly prepared finishing can certainly help. With the preparation and materials on the right, you can finish your outdoor wood furniture in an afternoon. The patio furniture can see the worst part of the outdoor time. The paint can make a dent after the hour and ruin the aesthetics of the wooden patio furniture. Because garden furniture is subjected to the elements, it is important to use the right kind of paint. Avoid using the same paint you use for the interior of your home since the exterior moisture will make this paint the chip.

Painting on a dry day with a low level of humidity to help the drying process. Choose a paint color of wooden garden furniture that incorporates the theme of the outdoor entertainment space, blends in with the natural environment or makes a festive statement. More daring colors jump but fade before the muted tones. Take a sample of the outdoor patio furniture fabric with you to the hardware store, if applicable, if you want to match the colors. Choose an enamel paint from the hardware store to use. Latex paint cannot hold well to the humidity of the open air. Dilute the enamel paint with a little water for the first coat. Pour the paint into a paint tray and add enough water so it is a liquid texture. Place the plastic furniture and not on the grass to be painted.

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Because the paint will damage the lawn if it splashes. Paint the top layer of furniture with a natural bristle brush. Allow the top coat to dry completely. Depending on the humidity level of your area, it should take several hours. Sand the top layer to help in the second layer adheres to the top layer. Brush the sand flakes and paint with a small brush. Apply the second coat of paint. Painting in one direction to avoid scratches. Place the outdoor table and chairs in a dry place to dry completely. Examine the furniture and decide if you want the color to be more vibrant or if you have to correct lost areas. Repaint or place in the desired place. Apply a semitransparent tint to the wood before painting to prolong the life of the wood and protect it from the sun.