New Wicker Chair Cushion

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Wicker is woven vines and therefore a natural product. If the chair is wicker, you will see that it is constructed of woven, interlocking fibers something like a knit sweater. Wicker is soft but still retains an organic feel. A wicker chair is lighter than durable plastic, wood or metal. Summer evokes a feeling of rest and relaxation. In difficult economic times, people look for ways to find joy at home. One way to do it is to spend more time outdoors. But when you look outside all you see is the old wicker chair cushion disappeared from yesteryear that does not look very attractive. You can even sew a new cushion cover for the wicker chair itself.
Ideas for make a new wicker chair cushion. If your wicker chair is to be used outdoors, use the outdoor fabric. If the chair is inside, any type of fabric will do, but make sure it can be washed or cleaned by hand for convenience. Outer fabric is also a good choice for indoor furniture, because the fabric has been treated to resist water and stains. General spills roll right of the fabric. Start by placing the fabric on a clean, flat surface, such as a dining table or on the floor. Measure the cushion on all sides and cut both an upper and a lower piece of fabric, leaving a seam allowance of 1 inch on all edges. Pin a Velcro strip on one side of the top and bottom of the pieces of fabric.  Insert the cushion and close it with the Velcro strips.
Wicker chairs do not resist well to aggressive cleaning methods. Cleaning and proper care helps to prolong the life of the chair. Instructions for the care of wicker chair cushion. Remove the cushion from the chair. Remove the cushion cover and follow the cushion manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Some cushions require the services of a dry cleaning product, while others are machine washable. Equip a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment and vacuum the rattan, starting at the top of the work bowl-shaped seat to the base of the frame. of the persistent dust and dirt brush cracks with a toothbrush. If the dust and dirt remains, sharpen a wooden towel with a knife to create a point. Place a rag over the point. Hold the rag in place and carefully pick up the dust and dirt from the recesses.

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