Modern Art Deco Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Modern Art Deco Bathroom Vanity

Most people today include art deco bathroom vanity as one of the main features in their bathrooms. However, previous models are not as ideal as they are available today. At that time people pay little attention to the design, so most of the bathrooms are very uniform and very boring. Most are coated with white enamel to match the color of plumbing fixtures such as bathtub and toilet.

During the Art Deco period in the 1930s, people began to make changes to the design. They add an engineering decorative element, and even they offer bright colors. Since then, art deco bathroom vanity is never the same. Currently, it is available in various styles and colors, and you can even get one custom to suit your taste and budget. If you want to have your own vanity unit in your bathroom, there are some things to consider.

At first, you need to know the size of your bathroom. You can get a single sink unit or double sink unit, depending on the space available in your bathroom. For art deco bathroom vanity table, you can choose marble, glass, porcelain, granite, or limestone. Granite is the most popular material because of its ability to repel bacteria and its eternal color. However, it is also one of the most expensive materials. Limestone and marble are cheaper, but need more care.

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