Installing Ideas Outdoor Hanging Ceiling Lights

The Best Outdoor Hanging Light Fixtures

Outdoor hanging ceiling lights – For a porch that is attractive and comfortable in the summer, consider hanging a ceiling fan out there. Any exterior roof that has an existing ceiling light may have a fan installed in its place, with the fan connected to the same electrical box and controlled by the same wall switch. It is the same process as the installation of an indoor fan, although the fan itself is specialized, with materials resistant to rust. Do not install it inside the indoor ceiling fan.  Cut in the fuse box for the outdoor ceiling lamp.Remove the old lamp, if it exists, by removing the screws that hold it to the ceiling. Pull it enough to disconnect the wiring behind it, then pull it out completely. Leave the cables hanging from the ceiling of the electrical box.

Look for the mounting plate that comes with the ceiling fan. It will be a strip or metal plate with screw holes in it. Attach to the ceiling electrical box, aligning the screw holes in the plate to the screw holes in the box and inserting the supplied screws. The cables of the box must still be accessible around the mounting plate. Fit the copper ground wire from the roof box around the green screw on the mounting plate. Adjust the screw.

Take your ventilation unit (without the attached sheets) to the ladder and place it on top of the ladder, near the electrical box. Connect the white wire of the fan to the white wire of the electrical box, keeping the ends of the ceiling light wire next to each other and turning a plastic bushing over both. Connect the black wire of the fan to the black wire of the box in the same way. If your can has blue wire too (at a traffic light), connect the blue wire together with the black wires.

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Keep the fan to the box. Attach the fan to the mounting plate by aligning the holes in the vent unit with the holes in the mounting plate and inserting the supplied screws. Turn on the power and test the fan. Once you are sure that the motor is turning correctly, turn it off and install the fan blades, aligning the screw holes in the inner ends of the blade with each of the corresponding screw holes in the housing, and the insertion of the screws supplied. If the electrical panel moves at all when it is pulled on it, it means that it is not properly mounted to the roof beams and can not safely hold the weight of the fan. Have a contractor inspect and secure the box before proceeding.