Ideas To Connect Cool Outdoor Lights

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Cool outdoor lights – Wiring an exterior light is not that different from wiring an interior light. Except that it may or may not include a photoelectric cell if it is being used for security purposes. If it is powered by a traditional light switch inside the house. Then it is identical in the way it is connected. The only other difference between the interior and exterior light is that an exterior light must have installed a weather resistant joint between its base and the wall to prevent water from penetrating the interior. Turn off the switch that powers the circuit that will connect to the outside light. Test the cables inside the wall box with a touch type voltage tester before touching any of them to make sure the correct switch is turned off.

Press the button on the tester and touch the tip of the tester to each cable to make sure the circuit is dead. If the tester beeps or turns on, then the circuit is still alive. Try additional switches until you find the correct one. Install the mounting bracket that is delivered with the best exterior light. And for the wall box using two of the screws provided. Strip 3/4-inch insulation from the end of each wire into the wall box with the wire stripper. Slide the weatherproof board of the lamp in place over the wires and against its base before making the wiring connections. Turn the appliance ground wire with the grounding cable of the wall box. Also secure the connection with a cable connector.

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Turn the cool outdoor lights copper part of the black cable of the base with the copper part of the black cable of the wall box. And secure the connection with a cable connector. Turn the copper part of the white cable of the appliance with the copper part of the white wire of the wall box and secure the connection with a cable connector. Wrap the insulating tape around each individual cable connector. Fix the outside light to your mounting bracket in the detailed manner in your instructions. Make sure that the weather resistant seal is correctly aligned when securing the bracket to the bracket.  Apply a bead of putty along the upper half of the exterior luminaire to prevent water from entering the appliance. Leave the lower half of the luminaire without putty so that the water can escape if it happens to enter.