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Modern outdoor patio furniture can turn your backyard from a garden into a functional outdoor site, where you and your family can spend hours of quality time. The right furniture for your patio should be both attractive and comfortable. Because outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the elements, it is important to cover with a protective layer. The best result for your outdoor furniture not only depends on the look you are after, but also the amount of periodic maintenance that you are willing to carry out. For finishing a quality piece of wood furniture, many people prefer the appearance of a transparent, oil-based wood stain. A transparent stain gives color to the wood, but the natural grain of the wood will remain fully revealed. Unlike a painting, which are set on the surface of the wood, a transparent stain is intended to penetrate the surface of the wood.

Before finishing with a transparent stain, your wooden patio furniture should be completely free of any existing coating. You may have to sand or use a chemical remover in order to achieve the desired conditions before staining. In addition, the wood must be completely dry before staining; The moisture contained in the wood can prevent the stain from penetrating the appropriate surface. An oil-based stain that does not penetrate, and sits on the surface of the wood, will remain sticky, will tend to attract dirt and pollen and could stain clothing. When applying the oil-based stain, make sure the stain seeps into the wood. Back-brushing, or going back over the surface of the wood to remove any excess dye,

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Transparent oil-based stains furniture provide protection from water, as well as protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Keep in mind that the UV protection in the wood stain comes from the pigments. So the darker color you choose; the longer you can expect a spot to last. In general, a transparent wood stain will last between one and three years before it needs to be improved. Life expectancy varies greatly depending on exposure to sunlight.

Also, it is important to understand that, when using a clear wood stain, the finish can vary greatly depending on the absorption capacity and the color of the wood. Wood is a natural substrate, and transparent finishes reveal the inconsistencies and natural deformations inherent in wood. This can create a beautiful finish, the breath taking, but if you are expecting a consistent finish, it can be a shock. Go with a solid color product if consistency is your goal.