How To Refinish Farmhouse Coffee Table

Black Coffee Table Set

Farmhouse coffee table must be ground before painting, staining or painting. Tearing a wooden coffee table is similar to grinding much other furniture. But wooden coffee tables often have wide widths of wood, and special care must be taken to sand evenly.


Select the appropriate grain size sandpaper for the coffee table.  Don a protective mask. Grinding pipes up small particles of wood that should not be inhaled. Grab sandpaper in your dominant hand. Make sure the smooth side is facing you and the rough, gritted side touches the starting point of the wooden coffee table. Generally, on one side of the coffee table, start working until the other is an effective way to keep track of what you have already ground. Slide forward on sandpaper, using a continuous motion. Once you have reached the end of the coffee table with sandpaper in your hand, place it at your original starting point and repeat the movement.

Grinding with back and forth movements is effective as long as too much grinding is not done in one place. Too much grinding in one place results in an uneven surface. When the surface is level and free from degrees, protrusions and sores, proceed to the next section of the table. Place sandpaper in a new location, preferably immediately next to the section you just finished grinding. Use a continuous motion, move sandpaper along the coffee table surface. Repeat the process until the entire coffee table has shredded. Select a finer slip paper and repeat the process if the wood coffee table is not level enough to suit your purposes. Apply a gel-type wood stripping to remove any paint and / or paint that may be on the table.

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Use a brush and apply as per the instructions on the packaging. Generally long strokes in fiber direction are best. Let it sit until the surface has bubbled and softened. Scratch the surface with color scratch in the direction of the grain. Remove as much of the softened gel / paint / paint as possible and place it in an old coffee jar or other disposable container. Wipe the surface with an old cloth. After that, slightly wipe the sand table with sandpaper until you have a smooth and clean surface. Wipe it again with a clean cloth to remove the dust. Use the new finish with the sponge applicator, working in the same direction of the seed. Do not cross areas more than once. Allow it to dry overnight before adding a second coating, if necessary.

Tips and warnings

Use gloves when working with gel stripper. Use eye protection. Hold on a ventilator running and a window open for ventilation.