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Antique Furniture Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinet is perfect for showing some family heritage to your collection of sci-fi action heroes. The only problem is finding a way to make all these elements presentable instead of having to appear as messy chaos. The organization is the key to making your most precious possessions look like museum exhibits instead of a bunch of trinkets that do not match. Curio cabinets can be a creative addition to any decor. Most curios have flat backgrounds. This creates stability for everything you may want to show. If this does not fit your taste, you can add legs to your curio with some inexpensive items from your local hardware store. Check so that you see that your curio is made of wood or a composite material with a base that is at least 2 inches deep.
Empty the curio, including shelves. Place it on its side so that the base is accessible. Keep the top of the metal from the union of the flat leg to the base of the curious object. Make sure the metal leg cap is flush with the corners of the curious object. Use a pencil to mark the 3 to 4 holes in the upper part of the leg metal. Repeat the same in each corner of the short curio cabinet object. You must put one leg in each corner, so the level will be maintenance and not tip over. Drill a hole in each pencil mark. Use the part that corresponds to the size of the screws that come with the attachments of the legs. The directions for fixing the leg that must report to the drill and the depth to drill.
Hold the top of the metal from the leg joint flat to the base of the curious object and screw in each screw until the leg is secure. Repeat this procedure for each leg attachment. Place the curio and make sure it is level. If the used curio cabinets is not level, identify the leg that is not level. Lay the curiosities back on their side so that the base is accessible and attach a self-adhesive floor protector to the leg that is not level. Support the curio and check to make sure that the level has arrived. If it is not level yet, repeat the previous step until the curiosity level is felt. This is an easy task for two people. Placing the first trivia on a blanket can make it easier to maneuver. Sofa-style legs will provide the greatest stability to the furniture.

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