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Vintage Watch & Jewelry Store

Shopping made effortless

We’re at your service, answering questions and taking suggestions. Whether you have a pricing inquiry, a special request, or just need some advice – Your wish is our command. Discuss your needs with Vintage Malibu:

or call (310) 456-7100


Is everything you have “vintage”?

No! Our store is incredibly unique in that we have all types and styles of product (jewelry, handbags, watches) that you could ever want. We feature a large collection of pre-owned one of a kind luxury designer pieces, non-branded true vintage jewelry (think Victorian, Edwardian), carefully curated vintage inspired pieces, and also new contemporary fashion forward luxury jewelry. Our expert handbag buyers have curated rare, difficult to find, and the most sought after Hermes bags to date; while many are pre-owned, we take pride in that they are in pristine condition, and many actually untouched!

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you are not pleased with your purchase, we are more than happy to take it back in an exchange for something different, or for store credit. In order to receive a full refund, the purchased item must be returned (untouched) within 7 days of purchase.

Q: Do you provide certificates of authenticity?

A: Yes! Our expert team is happy to write up a certificate for you, guaranteeing authenticity of all of our pieces.

Q: Do you make engagement rings, diamond studs &
other diamond jewelry?

A: Absolutely! We work with Kwiat, a family-owned luxury diamond company out of New York. We would love to find you the perfect diamond(s) for every occasion.

Q: How will you pay me?

A: We are happy to pay in form of a check, or store credit.

Q: Are you able to ship purchased items?

A: Of course! For an added charge (dependent on type of delivery request), we can ship your purchased piece directly to you.

Q: How do you decide on the best pricing for my consigned item?

A: When you bring your piece in, and we decide to have it on consignment, we will ask you how much money you’d like to receive. Once that is determined and agreed upon, our buyers will come up with an appropriate selling price. We will alert you as soon as your item sells.

Q: I only want to sell my piece, I am not interested
in consigning. Will you always buy?

A: Our experienced buyers will ultimately decide what they’d like to purchase directly and what they would rather consign. This will definitely be a discussion between our team and the client.

Q: If I want to take my consigned piece back
at any time, is that okay?

A: Absolutely! Just give us a heads up you’re coming in.