Build Simple Parsons Console Table

Reclaimed Parsons Console Table

Parsons Console Table – But the parson console table, as we call it, has become an American classic not because detail, but simple design because its timeless charm fits almost every room. Parsons console table have square legs, with parallel sides that support a thick lid. We create the illusion of a heavy lid by adjusting its edges flush with the 3/4-inch thick rails.

Alamo is a good option for parsons console table legs and rails because it is easy to work and takes paint well. Types material at the top, would create problems as it was lined and extend with texture switch, so we switched to stable medium material density (MDF). The legs are laminated with glue and nails. Before applying glue to the adjoining pieces, rip and poplar 3/4 inches to the size of the cross-section. Stack them so they are aligned and stick a nail in each end so that the dots just peek through the top piece. Then, apply a light layer of glue, use the tips of the nails to align the pieces and the nails.

Add additional nails to each tight set. After making a three-piece base for each parsons console table leg, add the shorter leg-face pieces that create the grooves on the rails. Rip stock to 2 1/4 inches wide of the rails. The ends at a 45 ° miter angle and make sure that opposite rails are exactly the same length. If you do not have exact miter power equipment, you can do it by hand, or simply cut the pieces squarely and use butt splices.

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