Attractive Led Bathroom Vanity Lights

Cool Led Bathroom Vanity Lights

When hanging led bathroom vanity lights, search for best height is important so that your lighting installations appear practical, attractive and proportional to your surroundings. While there is no standard for exact height of vanity lights, there are some simple steps that you can follow to find best height for vanity lights in your bathroom. Most homes have vanity lights hanging directly over bathroom mirror, centered over sink.

These can be of one, two devices of three or four of light. Best height for these led bathroom vanity lights fixtures is directly above bathroom mirror, leaving an inch or two of space between top of your mirror and bottom of your light. While toilet lights above mirror are more common, toilet lights that surround mirror are preferred. This option allows you to reduce shadows on your face because light hits you from two directions.

Hang vanity lights that surround mirror at approximate eye level, making sure you cannot see bulb at that height. If you can, raise attachment slightly until bulb is not visible. If lights are hanging above mirror, make sure they are hung high enough so that they do not prevent opening and closing of medicine cabinet if your mirror works like a medicine cabinet. Try to buy and hang your mirror before installing led bathroom vanity lights, to avoid costly and unnecessary electrical to move accessories later, if mirror is larger or hangs higher than expected.

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