Arm Chair: How Comfy They Are?

Accent Chairs With Arms

The arm chair was originally a French word to distinguish between a chair with or without armrests. The chair with armrests was the armchair, and the chair without armrests was called the “normal” chaise (chair). Since the 18th century, during French rule, the Dutch elite also started to speak French. That is why we often use the word armchair instead of armchair. The armchair was always upholstered, or at least covered with leather, because how crazy as it sounds: leather used to be cheaper than dust, because it was easier to make… Nowadays the armchair has become almost an indispensable part of the modern interior especially if you had the space, it was very desirable to have such a comfortable chair.

For whom is an armchair meant?

In principle, the armchair looks very much like a couch, except that it is meant for only one person. Because of the armrests the chair is comfortable, and it is easier to sit on the chair or to get up again. The advantage of such an armchair is that you have more space or personal space in this way. It may be a little less sociable and more elitist, but in this way it shows more dignity and respect.

Probably you already know the stereotype of rich men who enjoy their cigar with a glass of brandy in their leather armchairs? The couch is just a bit cozier, where you are closer together, and where lovers are close to each other. Of course, it does not have to exclude the other. You can also opt for one or two armchairs in the living room and another couch. If you have a visit, you will have an armchair for the host, one for the guest of honor, and the couch for the other guests, for example.

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What should you look out for with armchairs?

First of all you buy an armchair for comfort, so you have to sit comfortably. Most of them want to come to rest after a while. The purpose of the armrests is to support the forearms, not the elbows. With some armchairs, the support is therefore also left out. So it is certainly not the intention to hang in such an armchair, because that armchair can not stand. Certainly the leather armchairs will eventually show signs of wear and tear. For the rest there are countless versions of armchairs. We already know the armchairs with padded leather, but you also have more modern variants of wood, plastic, or even an inflatable armchair for the beach!