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Luxury Handbag, Fashion Model, Vintage Malibu

Redefining Vintage. Redefining Luxury Retail.

Vintage (adj.): of everlasting interest, enduring appeal and classic excellence; representative of the best and finest quality.

Vintage Malibu – fashionably curated for the 21st Century, featuring a chic and signature assortment of jewelry, watches and accessories.

Offering clients the opportunity to buy, sell, consign and trade – Vintage Malibu creates and maintains a personal collection of unique treasures. The consistently evolving collection includes a vast array of pieces from the world’s most iconic brands, including but not limited to: Chanel. Cartier. Van Cleef & Arpels. Rolex. Hermes. Patek Phillipe. Fred Leighton. Bulgari. Kwiat. Audemars. Piguet. David Webb …and more.